Truly, Your ALLAH (GOD) is truly One!


Allah! La ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He) 


O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under Allah’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers.

From :

 Prophet  Muhammad (SAWS)last sermon[English Translation]



 An Old Masjid in Gujrat India, its kibla rukh @ Baitul Mukaddas. around 1300 years old.✿ 
The first Arab traders landed at Ghogha, (Bhavangar, Gujrat India) around the early seventh century and built a masjid here. This was the time when Qibla (direction to be faced while offering Salah,) of the Muslims was Jerusalem instead of Mecca. For a brief period of 16 to 17 months, between 622 and 624 A.D., after Hijrat (migration) to Medina, the Prophet (SALLALLAHU ALAIHE WASALLAM) and his believers faced Jerusalem while offering Namaaz. This ancient masjid, locally known as the Baarwaada Masjid or Juni Masjid, was built during this period and is one of the oldest if not the oldest masjid in India. Later the Prophet (SALLALLAHU ALAIHE WASALLAM) received Wahi (Revelation) commanding him to change the orientation point from Jerusalem in the north to Mecca in the south. This masjid, therefore, predates all the other masjids in India whose mehrab face Mecca. This ancient masjid also bears the oldest Arabic inscriptions in India. The masjid falls under the care of Barwaada Jammat

There is evidence of Arabs settling along the Konkan-Gujarat coast as early as the 9th, 8th and perhaps 7th century.[7] Arab traders landed at Ghogha (located just across the narrow Gulf of Cambay from Surat) around the early seventh century and built a masjid there facing Jeruselum.[8] Thus Gujarat has the oldest mosque in India built between 624-626AD by the Arabs who settled there. These Arabs and others who settled in Bharuch and Surat were sailors, nakhudas, and merchants who belonged to various South Arabian coastal tribes while others were from the Persian Gulf, and large numbers married local women, adopting the local Gujarati language and customs over time.[9]And so many dominant tribes accepted Islam .AMONG THEM WE FIND COMMON SURNAME  PATEL,DESAI,  PAREKH,  CHOHAN, VAID act. 

And became an Indian Muslim.

Allah (swt) knows best.

[7] Here the main impetus to Muslim settlement came from the merchants of the Persian Gulf and Oman, with a minority from Hadramaut: Al-Hind, Volume 1 Early Medieval India and the Expansion of Islam 7th-11th Centuries

[8]  Schimmel, Annemarie (1980). Handbuch der Orientalistik.. Leiden: Brill. p. 65. ISBN 9004061177. Retrieved 30 January 2014.

     Author of this book is a fair-minded, famous professor who happens to be a Hindu. His name is Pandit Benda Prakash Upadhai and the name of his fact revealing book is Kalki Avatar. The author is a Hindu Brahmin by caste of Bengali origin. He is a research scholar, a seeker of the Truth and a well-known Pandit in Allahabad University.                            


                       The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe is One and has no second. Only He is worthy of praise.                 Only  He is worthy of worship. He is the Lord of the Worlds. For the well-being of human beings, in this

world and the next, and to give them guidance to the true path, He has sent Messengers in every age
and every land. But some ignorant people of India think that the Lord's Messengers, sages and great
men are sent only to India, in spite of the fact that the Aryans themselves came from countries outside
India and the Vedas are the religious scriptures of non-Indian Aryans. The real truth is, that whenever
abominations and irreligious practices get out of hand and previous scriptures become corrupted, God
sends new Messengers and reveals new scriptures. Those who reject the new Messengers and the new
scriptures and thus follow the superstitions blindly, go headlong towards their doom. On the other hand,
those who accept such Messengers and obey the new scriptures, attain the true path.

The following verses from the Upanishads refer to the Concept of God:

  "Ekam evadvitiyam"  "He is One only without a second."        [Chandogya Upanishad 6:2:1]1

  "Na casya kascij janita na cadhipah." "Of Him there are neither parents nor lord."   [Svetasvatara Upanishad 6:9]2

  "Na tasya pratima asti" "There is no likeness of Him."   [Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:19]3

Yajur Veda 3:32: "...Of that God you cannot make any images."

Yajur Veda 32:3: "God is formless and bodiless"

Rig Veda, Vol.8,1:1: "All Praise are to Him alone"

Rig Veda, Vol.6,45:16: "There is only One God, worship Him."

Christianity:   Jesus replied, "The most important commandment is this: 'Listen, O Israel! The LORD our God is the one and only LORD.     ( Mark 12-29, New Living Translation 2007 ) .

Islam:  The Final Testament, the Quran proclaims the first commandment in various verses. Some of them are reproduced below.

"God bears witness that there is no God except He, and so do the angels and those who possess knowledge. Truthfully and equitably, He is the absolute God; there is no God but He, the Almighty, Most Wise." 3:18  ( Holy Quran )

"When they were told, "Laa Elaaha Il lallaah [There is no other God beside God]," they turned arrogant." 37:35 ( Holy Quran )

"You shall know that: "there is no other God beside God," and ask forgiveness of your sins and the sins of all believing men and women. God is fully aware of your decisions and your ultimate destiny." 47:19 ( Holy Quran )

Say: He is Allah, the One and Only! Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him. 112-1 to 4 ( Holy Quran )

"Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?" 21:30 ( Holy Quran )

“Surely, those who disbelieve and die while they are unbelievers, the earth full of gold shall not be accepted from one of them, though he should offer to ransom himself with it, these it is who shall have a painful chastisement, and they shall have no helpers.” 3:91 ( Holy Quran )

And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says, "Indeed, I am of the Muslims." 41:33 ( Holy Quran ).

“O mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, that you may become righteous”                   (Holy Quran 2:21)

O people! Remember the favour of Allah upon you; is there a Creator other than Allah who can provide you sustenance from the sky and the earth? There is no God except Him; so where are you reverting?  35:3 ( Holy Quran ).

Proclaim, “Just show me your partners (false deities) whom you worship other than Allah; show me which part of the earth have they created - or do they have any share in the heavens?” Or have We given them some Book, so they are on its clear proofs? In fact the unjust do not give promises to each other, except of deceit. 35:40 ( Holy Quran ).

Judaism: “You shall have no other gods before me.”   Exodus 20:3                                                          

 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.” Exodus 20:4

I hope by now all very well understood the truth and got the message loud and clear as One Almighty God is demonstrating his Oneness again and again in every way of life so that all believe and worship only One God so that much needed peace prevail in this world and all human beings safely go to heaven after the ultimate death because the unforgivable sin is to worship more than One Almighty God and associate partners with Him, as a mercy He is proving to all including layman  like me and illiterate ones that He is Alone worthy of worship and no one has an excuse as Almighty God has sent a warner to every nation right from the first man on earth to worship Him alone. 



Dr B R Ambedkar, popularly known as Babasaheb Ambedkar, was one of the architects of the Indian Constitution. He was a well-known politician and an eminent jurist. Ambedkar's efforts to eradicate the social evils like untouchablity and caste restrictions were remarkable. The leader, throughout his life, fought for the rights of the dalits and other socially backward classes. Ambedkar was appointed as the nation's first Law Minister in the Cabinet of Jawaharlal Nehru. He was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian honor in 1990.

lexander’s letter to the Press, other than showing that there were elements 

of public opinion in Great Britain that supported Gandhi, 


Piltdown Man: Britain's Greatest Hoax

Piltdown Man fooled the scientific community for some forty years 

before the hoax was finally discovered. Kate Bartlett explores

 the curious case of the bogus ancestor, and tries to unmask

 the perpetrator of the cunning deceit.

Scientific Racism: The Eugenics of Social Darwinism

This video is for educational purposes. The information has been hidden for many years and it is very important to bear witness to.

Indian History does not belong to any Race or Religion

60. Do not devour the wealth and property of others unjustly, nor bribe the officials or the judges to deprive others of their possessions

2:188  AND DEVOUR NOT one another's possessions wrongfully, and neither employ legal artifices  with a view to devouring sinfully, and knowingly, anything that by right belongs to others.

4:36 AND WORSHIP God [alone], and do not ascribe divinity,

 in any way, to aught beside Him.  And do good unto your parents,

 and near of kin, and unto orphans, and the needy,

 and the neighbour from among your own people,

 and the neighbour who is a stranger,

  and the friend by your side, and the wayfarer, 

and those whom you rightfully possess.

  Verily, God does not love any of those who,

 full of self-conceit, act in a boastful manner; 


·  39:53  SAY: “[Thus speaks God:]  ‘O you servants of Mine who have transgressed

 against your own selves! Despair not of God’s mercy:

 behold, God forgives all sins - for, verily, 

He alone is much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace!’ ” 

(16) O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.  
(  سورة المائدة  , Al-Maeda, Chapter #5, Verse #8)
(ArabicTransliterationUrduYusuf AliShakirPicthalMohsin KhanFrenchSpanishIndonesianMelayuGermanBosnian,Russian)

(17) The word of thy Lord doth find its fulfilment in truth and in justice: None can change His words: for He is the one who heareth and knoweth all.  
(  سورة الأنعام  , Al-Anaam, Chapter #6, Verse #115)
(ArabicTransliterationUrduYusuf AliShakirPicthalMohsin KhanFrenchSpanishIndonesianMelayuGermanBosnian,Russian)

(18) Say: "Come, I will rehearse what Allah hath (really) prohibited you from": Join not anything as equal with Him; be good to your parents; kill not your children on a plea of want;- We provide sustenance for you and for them;- come not nigh to shameful deeds. Whether open or secret; take not life, which Allah hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus doth He command you, that ye may learn wisdom.  
(  سورة الأنعام  , Al-Anaam, Chapter #6, Verse #151)
(ArabicTransliterationUrduYusuf AliShakirPicthalMohsin KhanFrenchSpanishIndonesianMelayuGermanBosnian,Russian)


Tell those who believe to forgive those who hope not for the days of Allah; in order that He may requite folk what they used to earn.

Whoso doeth right, it is for his soul, and whoso doeth wrong, it is against it. And afterward unto your Lord ye will be brought back.


Those who believe and obscure not their belief by wrongdoing,

 theirs is safety; and they are rightly guided

That is Our argument. We gave it unto Abraham against his folk. 

We raise unto degrees of wisdom whom We will. Lo! thy Lord is Wise, 


And We bestowed upon him Isaac and Jacob; each of them We guided; 

and Noah did We guide aforetime; and of his seed (We guided) David

 and Solomon and Job and Joseph and Moses and Aaron. 

Thus do We reward the good.

And Zachariah and John and Jesus and Elias.

 Each one (of them) was of the righteous.

And Ishmael and Elisha and Jonah and Lot. 

 Each one (of them) did We prefer above (Our) creatures,

With some of their forefathers and their offspring and their brethren; 

and We chose them and guided them unto a straight path.

Such is the guidance of Allah wherewith He guideth whom

 He will of His bondmen. But if they had set up (for worship) 

aught beside Him, (all) that they did would have been vain.

Those are they unto whom We gave the Scripture and command 

and prophethood. But if these disbelieve therein,

 then indeed We shall entrust it to a people who will not be disbelievers therein.


Those are they whom Allah guideth, so follow their guidance. 

Say (O Muhammad, unto mankind): I ask of you no fee for it.

 Lo! it is naught but a Reminder to (His) creatures.



Quran Translation 6: 82 to 90



This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favour unto you, and have chosen for you as religion al-Islam. 


Quran Translation from 5:3


And when your Lord made it known: If you are grateful, I would certainly give to you more, 

and if you are ungrateful, My chastisement is truly severe.-14-7-q

And We have enjoined upon man concerning his partners - His mother beareth him in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years - Give thanks unto Me and unto thy parents. Unto Me is the journeying.(Quran31:14)

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Piltdown Man: Britain's Greatest Hoax

Piltdown Man fooled the scientific community for some forty years 

before the hoax was finally discovered. Kate Bartlett explores

 the curious case of the bogus ancestor, and tries to unmask

 the perpetrator of the cunning deceit.

Scientific Racism: The Eugenics of Social Darwinism

This video is for educational purposes. The information has been hidden for many years and it is very important to bear witness to.

Indian History does not belong to any Race or Religion



Kathor Map — Satellite Images of Kathor

original name: Kāthor

geographical location: Surat, Gujarat, India, Asia

geographical coordinates: 21° 18' 0" North, 72° 56' 0" East

Posted Image    {Currant affairs ))

Time in Surat -

Kathor Medical Trust           


sunni vohra  

Surti_Muslims in Gujarat, INDIA


Gujarati-Muslims in India and South Africa

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
though there are approximately a total of 135 Surati Vohra villages in the ... Muslimmovements in South Africa act under the conditions of globalisation? ... - Similar -

Surti Sunni Vohra

Transnational religious practices of Muslims in Gujarat and South ...



Surat (Gujarati: સુરત) formerly known as Suryapur or Khubsoorat, is the eighth largest city in India.

 The city proper is the seventh most populous city in India and 49th in the world. 

Surat is the administrative capital of Surat district.


The port of Surat become the prominent and main port of India during Mughal rule.

 Gujaratremained a province of the Mughal empire until the Marathas sacked ..

Surat, Gujarat India

Gujarati news paper in India Hindi,Urdu and Gujarati poets (on websits)

Online Hindi,Urdu and Gujarati poets (on websits)


1.     Official website

2.     Darul Musannefeen Shibli Academi


Jamia Millia Islamia;


Maulana Abul Kalam Azad-The Great Son of India: 

In the galaxy of the patriots of India's freedom struggle, 

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad occupies a distinctive position. 



 a savant statesman and the tallest among the nationalist

 Muslim who fought for a united India. Along with Jawahar Lal Nehru 

and Sardar Patel, Maulana....Read Full  

Jamia Hamdard Reaccredited in Grade ‘A’ by the NAAC
Jamia Hamdard was conceived as a seat of higher learning in Unani Medicine, Islamic Studies, Biosciences, Pharmacy, Nursing and other areas of knowledge by its founder as a means of fulfilling the objects of the wakf. Over a period of last ten years, Jamia Hamdard has emerged as an outstanding institution of higher learning with distinct and focused academic programmes. Graduate programme in Information Technology and Computer Applications and Post-graduate programmes in Information Technology, Computer Applications, Business Management, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy have been started in the last few years. Undergraduate programmes in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy are being introduced from this year. Jamia Hamdard offers postgraduate and doctoral programmes in several disciplines for which advanced facilities are available.

 Ummid  >

 Maulana Azad as Freedom Fighter

 Azad's efforts in Shaping the Indian

   Education Policy       

Azad's efforts in shaping the Indian Education Policy

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 07:23:53 PM, Team

Maulana Azad's efforts in shaping the Education policy in Independent India

Maulana Azad was a great educationist too. His standing as an outstanding scholar of 

Oriental learning was demonstrated in moulding the educational system of the country   »

 Maulana Azad: The Preacher of Peace and Harmony

 Maulana Azad: The Great Son of India

 Jushne Maulana Azad begins with a National Seminar at MANUU

 MANUU prepares to celebrateJushne Maulana Azad in a big way

 Maulana Azad as a Distinguished Writer


 Economic Advancement of Indian Muslims\

“To earn wealth through fair means and to spend it on the welfare of the poor and needy as has been enjoined upon by Allah, is not only permissibl but appreciable in Islam”.


Madressa-E- Anjumane-Islam Trust   

V.D.G.High school,Kathor:

The Asian Community - An Historical Perspective


Many Asians came to the UK after Indian independence changed the map of the 
subcontinent in 1947 but the migration to Britain started centuries before that

 The Gujarati Muslim Community

The bulk of Gloucestershire's Gujarati Muslims arrived in England during the 1960s,

 in response to a call from the Commonwealth leader for workers to meet the 

demands of the labour shortage.


Islam in the British Isles
Some Key Events and Dates


British Muslim Heritag










Rangoon (Yangon), Burma

Early Immigrants

The first Muslims arrived in Burma's Ayeyarwady River delta, on the Tanintharyi coast and in Rakhine in the 9th century, prior to the establishment ofthe first Burmese empire in 1055 AD by King Anawrahta of Bagan.[4][5][6][7][8][9] These early Muslim settlements and the propagation of Islam weredocumented by ArabPersianEuropean and Chinese travelers of the 9th century.[4][10] Burmese Muslims are the descendants of Muslim peoples who settled and intermarried with the local Burmese ethnic groups.[11][12] Muslims arrived in Burma as traders or settlers,[13] military personnel,[14] andprisoners of war,[14] refugees,[4] and as victims of slavery.[15] However, many early Muslims also held positions of status as royal advisersroyal administratorsport authoritiesmayors, and traditional medicine men.[16]

Persian Muslims arrived in northern Burma on the border with the Chinese region of Yunnan as recorded in the Chronicles of China in 860 AD.[4][17]Burmese Muslims were sometimes called Pathi,[18] a name believed to be derived from Persian. Many settlements in the southern region near present day Thailand were noted for the Muslim populations, in which Muslims often outnumbered the local Buddhists. In one record, Pathein was said to be populated with Pathis,[18] and was ruled by three Indian Muslim Kings in the 13th century.[19][20][21] Arab merchants also arrived in Martaban, Margue, and there were Arab settlements in the present Meik archipelago's mid-western quarters.[22]

During the reign of the Bagan King, Narathihapate (1255–1286), in the first Sino-Burman war, Kublai Khan's Muslim Tatars invaded the Pagan Kingdom and occupied the area up to Nga Saung Chan. In 1283, Colonel Nasruddin's Turks occupied the area up to Bamaw (Kaungsin).[23] Turk people (Tarek) were called Mongol, Manchuria, Mahamaden or Panthays.[24]

A Mosque in Mandalay

The first Muslims had landed in Myanmar (Burma's) Ayeyarwady River delta, Tanintharyi coast and Rakhine as seamen in ninth century, prior to the establishment of the first Myanmar (Burmese) empire in 1055 AD by KingAnawrahta of Bagan or Pagan.[25][26][27][28] The dawn of the Muslim settlements and the propagation of Islamwas widely documented by the ArabPersianEuropean and Chinese travelers of Ninth century.[29][30] The current population of Myanmar Muslims are the descendants of ArabsPersiansTurksMoorsIndian-Muslims,sheikhsPakistanisPathansBengalisChinese Muslims and Malays who settled and intermarried with local Burmese and many ethnic Myanmar groups such as, RakhineShanKarenMon etc.[31][32]

Map of Myanmar (Burma)

Muslims in Mauritius,Africa.

Map of Mauritius in Africa

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Swahili[4] and Arab sailors formerly called the island Dina Morgabin (“The Western Island”). The Portuguese are thought to have been the first European visitors, finding it uninhabited in 1635, and naming it after Saint Apollonia.

The island was then occupied by France and administered from Port LouisMauritius. Although the French flag was hoisted by François Cauche in 1638, Santa Apollonia was officially claimed by Jacques Pronis of France in 1642, when he deported a dozen French mutineers to the island from Madagascar. The convicts were returned to France several years later, and in 1649, the island was named Île Bourbon after the royal house. Colonization started in 1665, when the French East India Company sent the first 20 settlers.

“Réunion” was the name given to the island in 1793 by a decree of the Convention with the fall of the House of Bourbon in France, and the name commemorates the union of revolutionaries from Marseille with the National Guard in Paris, which took place on 10 August 1792. In 1801, the island was renamed "Île Bonaparte," after Napoleon Bonaparte. The island was invaded by a Royal Navy squadron led by Commodore Josias Rowley in 1810, who used the old name of “Bourbon”. When it was restored to France by the Congress of Vienna in 1815, the island retained the name of "Bourbon" until the fall of the restored Bourbons during the French Revolution of 1848, when the island was once again given the name “Réunion”.

Map of Réunion

From the 17th to the 19th centuries, French immigration supplemented by influxes of Africans, Chinese,Malays, and Indians gave the island its ethnic mix. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 reduced the importance of the island as a stopover on the East Indies trade route.

During the Second World War, Réunion was under the authority of the Vichy Regime until 30 November 1942, when the island was liberated by the destroyer Léopard.

Réunion became a département d'outre-mer (overseas départment) of France on 19 March 1946. Itsdépartement code is 974.

Between 15 and 16 March 1952, Cilaos at the centre of Réunion received 1,869.9 millimetres (73.62 in) of rainfall. This is the greatest 24-hour precipitation total ever recorded on earth. The island also holds the record for most rainfall in 72 hours, 3,929 millimetres (154.7 in) at Commerson's Crater in March 2007 fromCyclone Gamede.

In 2005 and 2006, Réunion was hit by a crippling epidemic of chikungunya, a disease spread by mosquitoes. According to the BBC News, 255,000 people on Réunion had contracted the disease as of 26 April 2006.[5]Madagascar had also been hit by this disease during the same year.[6] A few cases also appeared in mainland France through airline travel. Then French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin sent an emergency aid package worth 36 million Euros ($57.6M U.S. dollars) and deployed approximately five hundred French troops in an effort to eradicate mosquitoes.


Main article: Politics of Réunion

Réunion sends five members of parliament, députés to the French National Assembly and three senators to the Senate.h

South Africa

Anti-apartheid struggle veteran Ahmed Kathrada spent 26 years imprisoned with his close friend and confidant Nelson Mandela, 18 of which were spent on Robben Island, the isolated land mass off the coast of South Africa that was a place of banishment and imprisonment for many who fought for freedom from racist rule.

Before Mandela's death on Thursday, Kathrada spoke to Al Jazeera's Sumayya Ismail about the early years of the anti-apartheid movement, the harsh decades spent in prison, the transition to democracy, and his 50 year friendship with South Africa’s most famous reluctant hero.

Muslim Directory South Africa

Islam in South Africa


Maulana Yunus Patel  

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

South African Muslim Network

SAMNET aims to attain social, economic, spiritual and educational excellence within the framework of Islam;

 to establish a flourishing integrated empowered society through selfless service as reflected in the principles

 of Ubuntu, Ukhuwah and Ujima.

Gujarati-Muslims in India and South Africa

 Cape Town





Mr. Paruk, a sugar mill owner, became President of the Natal Indian Congress 

in 1940 when a group led by A. I. Kajee revived the NIC, refusing to recognise

 the amalgamation of the NIC and the Colonial Born and Indian Settlers Association

 in 1939 to form the Natal Indian Association.

Muslim near Durban, South Africa

History of Muslims in South Africa: A Chronology

Some Note from above website>

1869 Arrival of Muslims from Gujarat and Kathiawar 40

Since 1869, Muslims from the Indian States of Gujarat and Kathiawar arrived in South Africa and

were referred to as


 "Passenger" Indians by the authority. These immigrants paid their own travel expenses,


 and came with the specific purpose of trading and commerce. They served as wholesalers


 and retailers in urban towns, backward rural towns, coal mining areas and also in several 


developed White centres in Natal and the Transvaal. They called themselves "Arabs", 


probably because they wished to be identified as Muslims. These "Arab" traders from 

Western India possessed sufficient resources to establish themselves as traders in staple items imported from India,


 such as rice, ghee, dholl, tamarinds, dried fish, etc. Within two decades, they captured a large share of the local


 trade in the rural areas of Natal and the Transvaal. This displeased the White traders and so in the 1890s legislation


 was passed placing further restrictions and growth on the Indian traders as a whole.

1874 Arrival of Ismail Kajee and other businessmen from Gujarat 44

Another batch of Gujarati-speaking Muslims arrived in Natal. Amongst them were Ismail Kajee

father of the notable A I Kajee [d 1948, aged 52], who arrived from Mauritius where he was in business,

 and Cassim Paruk of the present Nu-Shop group of retail business outlets.

After 1875 more experienced "Arab" traders began to dominate the retail trade and even entered 

the wholesale business. The statistics show that there were in Durban in:

* 1870 two free Indian stores

* 1875 ten free Indian and one "Arab" stores

* 1880 thirty free Indian and seven "Arab" stores

·         1885 there were as much as 40 "Arab" stores in and around Durban.


1884 Arrival of Esmail Mahomed Paruk

Another prominent Muslim, Esmail Mahomed Paruk, born in 1867 in Kathore, India, arrived from Mauritius

 and settled in Durban and soon established his first retail business in West Street. Thereafter, he went into wholesale trade;

 his firm becoming one of the biggest concerns in Natalamongst the Indians. As a financial giant, he extended 

his activities into milling and tea estates on the north coast of Natal.

The magnanimous E M Paruk had an imposing house at 383 Currie Road, Durban, where India's first Agent-General,

 Srinivasan Sastri , lived at a time when White-owned hotels were open only to members of the White community. 

E M Paruk became a Trustee of the West Street Masjid in 1899 and served as Chairman of the Trust Board until 

his death in 1942.

1885- Construction of West Street Masjid:second in 1920 Durban 52

1895- Shah Ghulam Muhammad Habibi or 1910 Soofie Saheb [Rahimahu Allah] 59

The Juma Masjid Sunnat Jamat Anjuman Islam,popularly known as West Street Masjid, 

was built in 1885, four years after the construction of the Grey Street Masjid. 

1890 Formation of the Indian Committee Durban 55

1893 Arrival of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi57

A litigation, involving £40 000.0.0d [forty thousand punds sterling], between the firms of Dada Abdulla and Company, 

merchants and shipping agents in Durban, and Tayob Hajee Khan Mahomed and Company of Pretoria,

 saw the arrival of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi [d 1948] in Durban. Gandhi, who came from Gujrat and

 speaking Gujarati as well as Kutchi, "had been hired by the Porbundar branch of Dada Abdulla's firm to assist

 their team of lawyers as an interpreter and adviser.

1894 Founding of the Natal Indian Congress 58


South Africa around 1900 AD

There were a few hundred people in the village. 

The oldest of them remembered the days when the coastlines of Natal were covered with natural bush 

being cleared by colonial settlers for the planting of cane which became the crop on which the colony's

 later prosperity depended. Some of them had arrived from India under the recruitment of contract labour 

instituted by the British Government in agreement with the Government of India. These were the indentured

 labourers. They were housed, fed and paid ten shillings a month to till the earth, tend, and raise the crops, 

and provide some of the domestic service which the Zulu was then not able to perform.

An 'Imagined Community' in diaspora: Gujaratis in South Africa

Author: Goolam Vaheda


a History Department, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban/Peitermaritzburg, South Africa





Islam in the United Kingdom





Islam in Britain: Armistice Day: Muslims contribution 'must not be ...

11 Nov 2010 ... Tariq Tahir, Metro, Armistice Day: Muslims contribution 'must not be forgotten', 10 Nov 2010: "We need to remind not only the Muslim ...



Islam in Canada


The Muslim community in Canada is almost as old as the nation itself.      




1.                             • MUSLIM GIRLS SCHOOL •

Alhamdulillah, the management of Muslim Girls SchoolToronto... topic “Is the media influence the primary cause of youth rebellion in Canadian society? ... - Cached - Similar

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3.                             Um AL-Qura Islamic School - Toronto CANADA

Staff will assist students in making a complaint if they are being victimized. Full Time.ISLAMIC SCHOOL. IN. Toronto, Ontario, Canada ... - Cached - Similar

4.                             Islamic Schools in Canada

ALAZHAR ACADEMY OF CANADA. 2074 KIPLING AVE. TEL: (416) 741-3420. ETOBICOKE, ON M9W 4J4 FAX: (416) 741-6007. ALAZHAR ISLAMIC SCHOOL. 100 McLEVIN AVE. ... - Cached - Similar

5.                             Um AL Qura Islamic School Toronto Canada

Um AL Qura Islamic School Toronto Canada... 1510 Birchmount Road Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Phone: (416) 443-3557 - Fax: (416) 4433557 ... - Cached - Similar

6.                             Mosques in Ontario

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8.                             TARIC Islamic Centre

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9.                             Islamic Institute of Toronto -

Support the IIT's objective to promote Islamic knowledge through education and training ...Please ensure that your child is prepared for school... - Cached - Similar

10.                        As-Sadiq Islamic School

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Madinatu Uloom Islamic School - (416) 332-1810 - More
Afzal Academy - (416) 367-0020 - More

Um Al-Qura Islamic School in Scarborough,Toronto - (416) 443-3557 - More

Al Azhar Islamic School - (416) 321-9636 - More


As-Sadiq Islamic Schools - (905) 771-9917 -More

Mariyah Islamic School - (416) 298-4008 - More

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Salaheddin Islamic School - (416) 264-3900 -1 review



  • Canadian Muslims have excelled in acquiring a Master’s degree with slightly 
  • over 6% when compared with the three largest religious sects such as: Roman
  •  Catholics where only 2% hold a Master’s degree, 3.5% of individuals who stated
  •  they have no religion and the third largest religious sect in Canada being 
  • the United Church has 2.4% of it’s population holding a Master’s degree,
  •  however; 8.8% of the Jewish population in Canada hold a Master’s degree
  • 30% Muslims (123,725) Muslims were attending school in 2001.
  • 6,310 Muslims have a PhD degree

-- There are 1.5% of the Canadian Muslim population that have earned 

doctorates comparatively, 0.3% of Roman Catholics and 2% of Jewish population

 in Canada have earned doctorates.

-- Probably more Muslim PhDs in Canada than many Muslim countries.

-- 3.5% (14,520) of the Canadian Muslim have their major field

 of study in Humanities and related fields

-- 5.3% (21,640) have majored in social sciences and related fields




Toronto Universities

Ontario Universities in Canada

Profiles and university specific information about universities in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Toronto university profiles include key facts and statistics,

 visiting and applying information, tuition fees and financial aid and key links for studying,

 locating libraries, conducting research and discovering student groups and services

 available at each university.


University of Toronto Scarborough

you will find that there is a lot of information, not only for students, but for faculty, staff, alumni, community members and campus supporters.


Scholarships for Non-Canadians

Awards available to foreign students for study/research in Canada

The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program is celebrating 50 years!

 Since the plan’s inception in 1959, the Government of Canada has provided 

scholarships of excellence to all member countries of the Commonwealth.

 The CCSP goal is to promote Canadian values and identity around the world

 and to help meet the human capital needs of developing countries.

Canada also played a leadership role in the establishment of the international

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan and is the largest 

contributor to this program after the United Kingdom.

Muslim and Jewish students building a culture of mutual respect

Posted on February 1, 2011

TORONTO, ON – Muslim and Jewish students will come together to make lunch for the homeless on Wednesday, February 2 as part of a new initiative to make interfaith cooperation between the communities a priority. The new initiative is called the Tzedaka-Sadaqah Project.

The project explores how Jewish and Muslim faith commitments and philosophical values can inspire each other to build a culture of religious pluralism and mutual respect, creating an environment where people see similarities, establish connections and celebrate difference. As students prepare the meals, there will be an opportunity to meet and learn about the faith based roots of humanitarian work in both traditions, as well as some of the issues surrounding poverty and homelessness in Toronto.




Canada immigration visa and Information on immigration to Canada

આદરિણય મિત્રો,સાથીઓ અને વડીલોહવે પછી .બઝમેવફા’ની નવી પોસ્ટો નીચે જણાવેલ પ્રગટ થશે .તો ત્યાઁ જવા અહીઁ કલીક કરો.

બઝમે વફા बझ्मे वफा Bazme wafa بزمِ وَفاَ

Mushaira E Mehfil

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Singer Yusuf Islam talks about his latest song



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Quran Way of Life                   


He it is Who hath revealed unto thee (Muhammad) the Scripture wherein are clear revelations - they are the substance of the Book - and others (which are) allegorical. But those in whose hearts is doubt pursue, forsooth, that which is allegorical seeking (to cause) dissension by seeking to explain it. None knoweth its explanation save Allah. And those who are of sound instruction say: We believe therein; the whole is from our Lord; but only men of understanding really heed. Our Lord! Cause not our hearts to stray after Thou hast guided us, and bestow upon us mercy from Thy Presence. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Bestower. Our Lord! Lo! it is Thou Who gatherest mankind together to a Day of which there is no doubt. Lo! Allah faileth not to keep the tryst.                          Quran translation3:7-8-9                             



And put forward to them the example of the life of this world: it is like the water (rain) which We send down from the sky, and the vegetation of the earth mingles with it, and becomes fresh and green. But (later) it becomes dry and broken pieces, which the winds scatter. And Allah is Able to do everything..         (Quran Translation 18:45)


أشهد أن لا إله إلاَّ الله و أشهد أن محمد رسول الله

"ašhadu an lā ilāha illā-llāh, wa ašhadu anna muammadan abduhu wa rasūlu-llāh".

"I bear witness that there is no deity (none truly to be worshipped) but, Allah, and I bear witness that Mohammad is his slave and messenger"

Shahadah (testimony of faith) in Arabic                              PLAY
Shahadah (testimony of faith) in English                             PLAY
Shahadah (testimony of faith
) word by word translation   PLAY


99 Names of ALLAH

Sayed Abu Hasan Nadvi db. and More

Mufti Saeed Ahmad Palanpuri

Mawlana Salman Hussain Nadwi

Qari Rashid Ahmed Ajmiri

MawlanaMuhammad Hanif

Index of ATTBalig Audio 


lah's Messenger Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: Islam is based on the following five principles:

. To testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is Allah's Apostle.
2. To offer the (compulsory congregational) prayers dutifully and perfec

3. To pay Zakat (i.e. obligatory charity).
4. To perform Hajj. (i.e. Pilgrimage to Mecca)
5. To observe fast during the month of Ramadan.

Prof. Jim Al-Khalili Science & Islam 

Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the Daybreak, From the evil of that which He created; From the evil of the darkness when it is intense, And from the evil of malignant witchcraft, And from the evil of the envier when he envieth.

Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind, The King of mankind, The god of mankind, From the evil of the sneaking whisperer, Who whispereth in the hearts of mankind, Of the jinn and of mankind.    Q113-114











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Nadeem Downloads

  Aswat Al Islam

  1. The Signs of the Age of Fitnah 
  2. (Trials)

Bukhari, Muslim, Malik, and Dawud Hadith Collection


Q U R A N   with Hindi Traslation




Q U R A N     with   English Audio  (mp3)  Translation downloads

 Justice Muhammed Taqi Usmani>                         Hamara Kathor
Truly, your god is truly One!" [Qur'an 37:4]

La ilaha illa 'llah, Muhammadun-Rasulullah

Truly, your god is truly One!" [Qur'an 37:4]

shahWaliullah and Darul 'Ulum Deoband

The Religion of Irreligiousness by Shaykh Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi

إِنَّ إِلَهَكُمْ لَوَاحِدٌ Truly, your god is truly One!" [Qur'an 37:4]

080525195247zc4f.gif islamic image by DOMOU3_2008

  La ilaha illallah ( LAA ILAHA ILLALLAH) 

Muhammadun Rasul Allah(saw)

This expression is the most important one in Islam. 

It is the creed that every person has to say to be considered

 a Muslim.

 It is part of the first pillar of Islam. The meaning of which is:

 " There is no lord worthy of worship except Allah."

The second part of this first pillar is to say:

 "Muhammadun Rasul Allah," which means

:"Muhammad is the messenger  of 

 One true Almighty GOD

 Q U R A N   with Hindi Translation